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Happy Father’s Day!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY out there to all of the dads, fathers, papas, baby-daddies, 父, etc.!

Daddy RED is all the way across the country from me back in the NOLA, so I had to mail him some handmade love. And what screams YOU’RE A MAN than a pair of oven mitts?

WHO DAT!! Now go cook something....
WHO DAT!! Now go cook something….

My dad is a huge Saints football fan, so it’s fun thinking of different things to make with my random Saints fabric.

I got the pattern to make these here. Warning… if you use the pattern as-is, it comes out super tiny… which is great if you have dainty lady hands. Since my dad is not what you would call dainty, I added an extra inch (or inch 1/2… I think) all around, then tweaked the opening after having my husband try them out. The oven mitts both have one side “Saints” fabric and the other “Random Fleur de Lis” fabric, so they match. I used Insul-Brite on the inside so they’re super heat resistant. The loop is made with a bit of grosgrain ribbon and the binding is regular double-fold bias tape.

I should have taken some in progress shots, but I didn’t have this blog in mind when I did- plus I was under some time restraints to get it mailed in time. My bad.

In the spirit of WHO DAT nation and my dad, here are other projects I’ve made for him over the past couple of years:

Saints Mug Rug!
Saints Mug Rug!
Sweet blanket stitch
Sweet blanket stitch

I have made probably a bajillion mug rugs since the start of my sewing obsession. They’re super easy and handy- you can protect your desk/table/whatever from your hot/cold beverage AND have a place to put your cookies and snacks.

PJs, yo
PJs, yo
Yarrr pirate tag!
Yarrr pirate tag!

And of course every beginner sewist’s project – some pajama pants.

Hmmm I’m starting to think I should maybe start looking for a different Saints fabric…

Are y’all doing something fun with your dad for Father’s Day? Also, did you make him something special handmade with looooove?

Love you, Dad!


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