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First Post, First Projects

Howdy ho, world!

Welcome to my blog dedicated to my love of sewing and other randomness that happens in my life! I decided to start my own sewing blog after a few years of creepin’ others from around the world. It’s a wonderful online community and I’m ready to have my own special space in it. So have a seat, get comfy, and let’s do this!

A quick sewing bio (feel free to check out the “About” tab on the top of the page for more info and to meet the gang):

You can call me RED and my sewing obsession blossomed in the summer of 2011. Oh, I had some experience before that with a couple of sewing summer camps and making random anime costumes for conventions (nothing fancy and now you know I’m a total dork).

I thought it would be a good idea to start sewing again when my husband and I moved into our new home in Tucson, AZ so I can make curtains. He gave me a Brother XR4040 which I named Brody McBrosephson for my birthday in 2011. Well, what fun is sewing boring old curtains with a brand spanking new birthday machine? I went rogue and signed up for classes at Joann’s since I sucked at reading patterns and needed to get back in the swing of things:

Purse of coolness!
Cool button!
Cool button!


Here’s my first make from class, a nifty handbag. Excuse my face- it wasn’t camera ready at the time. I remember bending a needle while making this… the instructions said to buy a home-decor fabric so naturally I went to the heaviest, prettiest fabric I could find. Poor little Brody made it through OK and I still use this bag from time to time.

Lace close-up on shoulder
Lace close-up on shoulder
Knit top bathroom selfie
Knit top bathroom selfie


My second class was where I met my sewing guru and fellow blogger, Dana. I lucked out and no one else showed up for class, so she was stuck with just me! Oh how lucky! This was supposed to be a “beginner-ish” project but lordy this shirt was cray cray. Knit fabric on a beginner.. AND get cutting AND sewing done in 3 hours? Shame on you, Joann’s. The pattern is Simplicity 2261 and even though it’s a tad too big, I still wear this to work.

Sweet dress that's rarely worn
Sweet dress that’s rarely worn


Gathered collar
Gathered collar
Spiffy pin tucks
Spiffy pin tucks

And my last class (advanced!) was Simplicity 2307. It was supposed to be a v-neck but I got scissor-happy and thank goodness Dana saved it! I wore this only once because it’s pretty darn tight in the ribcage/chest area and gives me a weird pooch in the tummy. BUT I learned pintucks, gathers, and sewing a lapped zipper. Winnnnn.

So there you have it, folks. First post. First projects from 2011.

Do any of you still use/wear some of your first sewing or craft projects? Do tell!


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